J. David Osborne will Return in “April Comes Too Fast”

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

I will not bore you with the virtues of my Online Bizarro Writing Workshops. People come. People learn. Some of them see print soon. Some of them retain contact with me and I keep my eyes and ears out for opportunities in the genre. It’s a good thing. Cheap too. I will not bore you with the praise earned by the work of my coteacher J. David Osborne author of Wonderland Award Winner By the Time We Leave Here We’ll be Friends and upcoming probable future Wonderland Award Winner Low Down Death Right Easy. He’s got talent. He’s got swagger, his group was impressed by his work, I was impressed by his work so I invited him back. So here’s the deal: four weeks of Bizarro instruction by myself and J. David Osborne. 40 dollars if you sign up in February, 50 if you sign up in March to encourage people to sign up early and reward those who do. You’ll learn about weird characters, weird places and how to better tune your mind into the weird. You’ll get critiques from two published Bizarro authors, one of whom is also an editor. You’ll make friends and see what your peers are up to. You’ll get motivated and the end of it all, there’s a motivational 10,000 word weekend where your join your instructors as they write…well, it doesn’t take a fucking rocket scientist. Want in? Want info? Email thecentercannothold@gmail.com. 


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