“Brian’s Girl” Exquisite Corpse, May 2008 The Aklonomicon

“The Bruise” Anomalous Appetites

“Hundred Year Old Murders”Polluto#3

“Bradley Sands is a Dick” Bradley Sands is a Dick

“Mr. Plush, Detective” The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction#1, Hayakawa Mystery Magazine, Best Bizarro Fiction of the Decade (coming soon)

“A Proper Ghost Story” Furniture Fangs

“Octopus”, Hatterbones (ENE anthology)

“Phoenix 8clouds

“The Man in the Film Noir Hat” Kek-w Quarterly

“Re-Mancipator” The Magazine of Bizarro Fiction#3 The Bizarro Starter Kit (purple)

“Hit and Fun” Houdini Gut Punch

“Of Mice and Men and Cats” (with Ash Lomen)
The New Flesh

“Derek” Bizarrocentral

“Orpheus in the Underwear” Kizuna

“The Poet in Treatment” His Cock is Money

The Remorseful Hatchet” Paragraph Line

“Hamartia: A Tale of Sister Merciless” Bizarrocast

“Favors and Grudges: A Tale of Sister Merciless” Polluto#9

“All About the Sheriff” Bizarrocentral

“Jerry and His Stupid Little Trains” Death to the Brothers Grimm (coming soon)

“Things They Took from Luke” Fortune: Lost and Found 

“The Granny Crunchbones Gospels” Phantasmagorium Weekly Series

“Enhancement” Solarcide

“Beast with Two Backs” In Heaven Everything is Fine: Stories Inspired by David Lynch(coming soon)

“Un Homme Extraordinaire” Polluto #10 (coming soon)

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