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Archelon Ranch by Garrett Cook

Archelon Ranch

2009, Legumeman Books

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Review by Marc Schuster  | Review at Withersin

Review AtHorror Fiction Review | Review at Sonar4 Landing Dock

Murderland (includes Murderland part 1:h8, Murderland 2: Life During Wartime and Godless)

Murderland cover

2013, MorbidBooks


Time Pimp


Eraserhead Press, 2013



Heresy and Hearsay

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Pserpent Psalms

“Pserpent Psalms by Garrett Cook puts me in mind of William Blake’s “Proverbs of Hell.” But while Blake’s proverbs are an expression of the need to allow the energy and abandon of our animal nature to coexist with spiritual discipline, Cook’s psalms seem to give us the experience of doing just that, demanding consideration from both the rational mind, which seeks to make sense of the surreal passages, and the subconscious, which revels in the spontaneous dream-like quality of the writing.”

—Alan M. Clark, author of Of Thimble and Threat: The Life of a Ripper Victim

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