Science Fiction Digital Double Feature

Posted: January 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

This January, I have big news for Kindle users. Not only do I have my newest title available for Kindle, but also a piece of short fiction that has never been available before. I have never done much in the way of digital exclusives save for Heresy and Hearsay and the Pserpent Psalms, both well received by hardcore fans but by no means popular. But, I’m hoping these two  titles will get some of you ebook aficionados interested in my work. Both pieces are Bizarro but they also each have their feet firmly in another genre as well: science fiction. Ebooks, being themselves futuristic, are a good format for telling stories of space and time travel. 

The first of these titles that I have to announce is Time Pimp, my latest from Eraserhead Press. Time Pimp is my personal favorite of my books. It tells the story of a time traveling pimp from an ancient race of alchemist/panderers who travels through time getting historical figures laid. As he does this, he not only finds himself up against the most hostile race of aliens in existence but also his evil twin, Grand Etharch Pope Death Pimp of the Morality Front. Time Pimp is full of sex, violence, weird worlds, mad science and meditations of love, manhood and life. GET IT ON YOUR KINDLE HERE


The second of these titles is my story The Coelacanth Expert from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. A Bizarro Steampunk tale similar in certain ways to Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness, The Coelacanth Expert tells a story of epistolary Bizarro cosmic horror like you’ve never seen before. Join Professor Harrington on a journey into a secret sea in the clouds where life may have had sinister inhuman origins. Strange steampunk technology, a jellyfish older than time and brutal races from prehistory await those who folow The Coelacanth Expert. Get it here

  1. The Coelacanth Expert is now waiting on my Kindle like a hot date waits under the covers…and then sits around being disappointed as I read.

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