The First Murderland Trilogy is Here!

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The first book of mine ever published was Murderland part 1:h8.  I  had sent Murderland 1-3 as one book to Evil Nerd Empire, the sadly now defunct publisher of the first two volumes as one book. The publisher decided it would be better as three separate volumes. The first one was well received, the second came out to not quite enough fanfare and had a less than stellar price point, one that honestly made me not blame people for not wanting to buy it. I hoped that this embattled publisher would be able to put out part 3, but alas, it was not to be.

A few months ago, I was informed that I had the rights to the Murderland trilogy back. Spurred on by some very encouraging and loving feedback from readers of volume one, I decided that now was the time to give people the whole first story arc in the Murderland series and to make these books swanky and cool and uncompromised. I talked to Steven Scott Nelson,  also known as Steven Rage, a former Evil Nerd Empire author who was starting a new publisher called MorbidBooks. I thought it would be good to keep this in the family. I was right.  He was quick, he was polite, he was patient and he would not see my vision compromised.

I also spoke to ace book designer and author and Legumeman publisher Matthew Revert, who generously offered me a totally sweet cover. And with that, a book I started eight years ago is finally unabridged and available to you in paperback and  Kindle formats at a fantastic cover price with a great foreword by Jess Gulbranson. Proud to present to you, the gorgeous Murderland trilogy paperback featuring h8, Life During Wartime and the never before seen Godless.

This is a story about terrorism, about love, about sanity, about war. It is the story of an America where serial killers are not just accepted but embraced as cult celebrities. Where young people dress as their favorite serial killers and go out and start shit. Where pharmacist  Jeremy Jenkins, the most prolific serial killer in history struggles with apocalyptic visions, with the decay of the world around him and with the possibility that he might just be the hero this country needs. It is not a book with easy answers. It is not torture porn. It is surreal and experimental language and structure, comicbook physics and Lovecraftian undertones.

But let’s not take my word for it:

“Perhaps he’s right. Perhaps that meat cleaver is our best hope for salvation. Or maybe he belongs in an asylum. MURDERLAND is a brutally shocking book. Demented. Logical. Disturbing. It can be crudely powerful one moment, tenderly skillful the next, so the reader never knows what’s coming. There’s no way to prepare. No way to protect yourself. Garrett Cook’s work has an edge … and it’s at your throat. “
~ Robert Dunbar, author of THE SHORE and MARTYRS & MONSTERS

“The offbeat brilliance of this book will freak your face off!”-
Gina Ranalli, author of MOTHERPUNCHER and SKY TONGUES

“A savage, very original satire that openly mocks the American demigod-like worship of worthless celebrity with a future where despicable murderers become our new focus of adoration. It’s as farcical as Swift’s “A Modest Proposal,” yet no less poignant.”-

“This book is so beyond good and evil … it’s beyond positive and negative reviews, beyond star-counting, beyond being liked or disliked. It describes a future in which serial killing, as a practice, has been rehabilitated through media exploitation and liberal sensitivity until it’s finally legalized as a sport, with its own scorekeeping commentators and an infatuated subculture of filking fanboys. And then against that dire background, Garret Cook tells a love story — a love triangle, actually, between a sweet young fangirl, her caring boyfriend, and the voices in his head telling him to kill.

If you have the serial-killer infatuation, then you’ve got to read this book. Cook’s portrayal of Reap culture disturbs because it’s so utterly how the world could be, if serial killer infatuation was just ten or fifteen percent broader than it is already.

I’m impressed by the ambition of this book. It’s an interesting new step for the psychonovel; the first-person madman as a mixture of identities and warring tendencies barely aware of each other is a spot-on model of a certain kind of human mind. The best parts, worthy of Jim Thompson, are those subtle moments where we see the warring personalities complaining about one another, manipulating one another, sneaking past each other like grumpy housemates in dark hallways.”-
Mykle Hansen author of Help! A Bear is Eating Me

“It is one thing to create a world. It is another thing to make it real. Cook’s impressive and highly ambitious novel does this admirably.”
 –Sean Keller, screenwriter Dario Argento’s Giallo
And here is Matthew Revert’s gorgeous cover
Murderland cover
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