Some Good Summer News

Posted: July 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

So, my last post let you all know that I am right now direly in need of more editing work and am once again making a push for my poetry collection Pserpent Psalms, which you can buy for just 1.08. I do need those things. If you have a story or book to edit, I need a few more to make rent on my new place in August and start being a happier person. But this does not need mean my  Summer is shitty and I have no future. Far from it. This is  part of why the fact that I am 400 bucks from my dream hurts me so badly.  It looks like this  Summer you’ll start seeing more of me. 

For one thing, after a seven year journey, my book, Murderland, the first three parts of the Murderland saga, complete, unabridged and in fact enhanced, is now in the hands of Steven Scott Nelson of Morbidbooks and it’s coming in August. If you have wondered what is going to happen to Jeremy Jenkins or you considered buying the books but didn’t, you should check it out next month. It’s going to be huge. Check out Matthew Revert’s kickass cover.




Next up is more publication news. You guys don’t get to see  me in many anthos. I don’t feel like submitting to most of them and when I do, I’m usually a bit off target. But this time, Cody Goodfellow invited me to a Clark Ashton Smith tribute antho and that sounded awesome. So I gave him a story, a departure from my typical work, but something heartfelt and genuine. He liked it and I’m proud of it. The antho is called Deepest, Darkest Eden and features John Shirley, Stoker winner Lisa Morton, Nick Mamatas and more. .And also myself. So, check  it out. I will also be appearing in In Heaven, Everything is Fine: Stories Inspired by the Films of David Lynch edited by Cameron Pierce. Wait til you hear the names involved in  this one and read the stories. You will be blown away.

And lastly, but certainly not least, I have accepted a position at Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing as an Associate Editor. PMMP is an organization of hip up and comers with a diverse aesthetic and a very familial atmosphere. These people are awesome and you want to buy their books or submit books to them for me to edit. I am still more than available for freelancing and in fact could use two or three more novels to completely fill the July docket. 

So, in short, things are looking up for all of us. Particularly those of you who hire me for some dirt cheap editing or buy these awesome upcoming books. Have a great Summer and thanks to all of you who are helping me wake up from this nightmare.


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