WHO IS DIESELPIG? And other subjects of great import

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Vice President O’ Hara ran into the Oval Office waving his arms frantically. 

“Faith and Begorrah, Mr. President, the orphanage has succumbed to the sin of Pride!”

The president was concerned. He had often take a great deal of Pride in his best friend Dieselpig, even though he did not know his secret identity.  This hit very close to home.

“Yes,  Stewart, this is an emergency of the highest order. Pride is one of the most nefarious of  The Seven Deadly Sins.  If we want to win our war with Hell, this cannot stand. GET ME DIESELPIG!”

The above was not an excerpt from my next book The Wake at the House of Dead Cats. But the book does deal with Dieselpig and America’s war with Hell. It also deals with silent cinema, burlesque and the secret origin of news. I’m very excited about this book, which should be coming your way first quarter of 2013.  Dress your favorite lion for the occasion. Once again edited by the fantastic Jeff Burk and once again put out by Eraserhead Press, this book is the sort of book I want to be writing.

And speaking of writing the books you want to be writing, NBAS author Shane Cartledge wrote his book House Hunter during the final challenge of my Online Bizarro Writing Workshop. So, he wants you to get a chance a leg up on becoming a Bizarro author yourself. He has generously purchased a spot in my workshop and is raffling it off to anyone who purchases his book House Hunter. It’s a weirdass piece of Urban Fantasy Bizarro that must be read to be believed. I think you’ll like it. Find more details on Shane’s blog. Spaces in the workshop are still available through me, but Shane’s offer is great and his book is super cool. So buy it and you might win a slot in the workshop.

And speaking again of writing the books you want to be writing, my NaNoWriMo editing deal expires tomorrow. Your chance to have your 50,000 word book edited for only 115 dollars expires with it. It’s not like my rates are usually super high, this is just a good bargain. And, Kate Jonez of Omnium Gatherum Books has agreed to look over any genre novel I edit for potential publication. So, hiring me gets you the eyes of not just one but two editors,one of which has the power to make your book a reality. This is very generous of Kate and if you want the opportunity, you should take advantage of it. I hope these subjects of great import have been important to you.

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