A Great Many Things Have Occurred: Imperial Youth Review Launches and Mystery Instructor of my January Bizarro Writing Workshop is Revealed

Posted: November 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Things have been crazy lately. I’ve amped up my editing work severalfold, I’ve settled into Boston life and not one but two albums featuring my vocal work and songwriting have launched, Mayonnaise Jenkins and the Former Kings of the Delta Blues’ A Monday and Sad Monster Party’s Seeds from the  Bloody Rise of the Elder God Trikloptikon. My music has started happening now the task is to really make it happen.

But I have more to tell  you about. For months, I have been talking about Imperial Youth Review, the magazine Chris Kelso and I created for Dog Horn Publishing in the UK. Well, it’s here. Tales of transgression, articles that confront the things we hate about our reality and magical advice on how to change it are all at your fingertips if you read this magazine. I’m proud of all the contributors we’ve gotten together, all the cool cats and kitties who are advertising their products in our pages and the publisher who let us make this happen, possibly against his better judgment. Imperial Youth Review features work from author and music critic Jess Gulbranson, author and Video Watchdog editor Tim Lucas, the fantastic up and coming Bizarro megavixen Nikki Guerlain, Choreographer, dancer, Scarlet Woman and stonecold goddess Lydia “Miss  Ginger” Fascia, author, Lovecraftian and Sorcerer Edward Morris, Literary Conundrum Savant Tom Bradley, Nick “Deadly Fists of Tai Chi” Mamatas author of the brilliant Move Under Ground, Don Webb, sci fi author and former High Priest of the Temple of Set, British Bizarro author and comics genius Steve Aylett, the indomitable Alan M Clark, author and artist, the indispensable Nick Gucker, artist, the indefatigable artist Justin T Coons, artist Vikki Hastings, who I don’t know, though she’s lovely and Scottish and seems very nice and does great artwork, David Aronson, Nick Patterson, Dave Mignam and Adam Lowe. They’re fucking great is what they are.  You want it? BUY IT, SCUMBAGS!

But that’s not all the news I promised. No, not at all. This news might make some of you happy. It might make you some of you sleepy. It might make some of you hungry. It might make some of you forty dollars poorer but a shitload more awesome. I am once again going to be teaching the deadly art of Bizarro to ten lucky stiffs. My online Bizarro writing workshop returns this January and with it, you’ll sharpen the skills you need to be a real live Bizarro writer like me. Ten more of you stiffs are going to be just as lucky. You know why? Because you’ll be working with my partner learning Bizarro from a Wonderland Award Winner instead of a humble Wonderland Award nominee. He’s one of the raddest, baddest uppest and comingest young voices in the Bizarro biz.



J. David Osborne. Author of Wonderland Award Winner By the Time We Leave Here, We’ll Be Friends. He’s interviewed some badass people. His work has appeared in such badass anthologies as Demons and Warmed and Bound. And for a month, he could help make you into the Bizarro badass you wanna be.  This workshop is going to be great.

Contact me at thecentercannothold@gmail.com or via Facebook for more info on how to sign up and watch this space for more workshop talk.

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