Sad Monster Party presents their first album Seeds from the Bloody Rise of the Elder God Trikloptikon

Posted: October 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

This March, right before leaving the Midwest forever, I sat down with musician Mike Bibby to create a five track Heavy Metal album. We failed. Why? Because I’m the kind of artist that can try to make paella and come out with a helicopter. It became something else. We ended up combining punk and grunge with a little metal. We added genuine emotional content to Halloween novelty songs. Shit got kind of weird. But that’s okay. We got five truly unusual tracks, one unusual in that it’s actually a pretty normal song and therefore out of place among its deeply unusual brethren. This is an album where two guys charted the end of the world through various angles and by various methods and I said goodbye to the American Midwest forever. After I left, Mike rounded out the sound with the addition of viola prodigy Diana Mayne and in live performances, singer Mik Dempsey. Tonight, you can own the fruits of our collaboration, Sad Monster Party’s album Seeds from the Bloody Rise of the Elder God Trikloptikon. You can download it HERE. And   if you email me proof of your download at, I will send you a special digital chapbook containing two tales of the Traffic light headed elder god Trikloptikon. So, what are you waiting for? Find out how to survive the spooky roller disco, the dark secret behind traffic lights and more!

cover art by Christopher Rubano.

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