Sonnets: 5 dollars

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Valentine’s Day is upon us and it’s a season where cynical people manipulate the feelings of the public for financial gain. I too will be doing this. In college, I learned the secrets of poetry, old forms and new forms alike, including that most romantic of forms, the sonnet. And what better use for the sonnet than to make money so I can do something cool for Valentine’s Day, with my own significant other? (By the way, said significant other, who is beautiful, brilliant  and quite obscene, had her first piece of fiction, which is also beautiful, brilliant and quite obscene published on the blog of the beautiful and quite obscene Justin Grimbol HERE) If you read that, you can see what kind of special girl turns a man into a sonneteer for hire, like some kind of Frenchy Clint Eastwood in a movie nobody would watch. Give me your beloved’s name and two things they’re interested in and for only five dollars,  I will email you a one of a kind sonnet by Noon on Valentine’s Day.

Order your custom sonnet HERE. Sonnets are hard, but life doesn’t have to be.

Look at the grim sensuality of this photo. It can be yours.

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