Where Else Can You Find Me?

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’ve been doing a lot of articles lately, for a lot of different blogs besides this one. It might look like, from observing this blog, I have not done much blogging. This is far from the case. I’ve just been doing much of my blogging off site to put together a resume for future opportunities in journalism and criticism and for the experience of it. So, don’t just look for my work here, check some of these other places.

Earlier in the month, I wrote a piece on The Abominable Dr. Phibes for revenge movie blog Let’s Fight Everybody. Let’s Fight Everybody is part of a family of really interesting exploitation movie blogs. I highly recommend checking them all out.  HERE is my article. It was fun to write and I’m quite pleased to comment on one of my favorite horror movies.

Also, this month, I joined the staff of popular gothic culture and indie horror blog Raven X The Living Dead Girl. This gives me a chance to comment on comics, to reach more fans in the goth/horror fandom sector and to expose these fans to stuff I like. I enjoy exposing you guys to stuff that I like. In my column Comics, Cult, Culture you will find reviews of MPD Psycho Volume One and Necrophilia Variations and a review of the six page preview of werewolf comic The Pack. HERE is my column.

But still, there’s more. In September, I joined the staff of L.L Soares and Michael Arruda’s very cool film site Cinema Knifefight. It’s a site you might want to keep regular tabs on. They discuss movies new and old and come at them with wit and openmindedness. It’s an organization I’m proud to be a part of. My particular column is called Criterion After Dark, where I discuss the seedy, the strange, the sexy and the macabre underbelly of The Criterion Collection. This month, I wrote about Hausu, a great piece of Asian weirdness and a nice addition to the fine tradition of haunted house films. Read about it HERE.

I’ve talked about Dollarbin Massacre before, where, myself, my girlfriend and occasionally Jordan Krall and other members of the Bizarro community discuss weird, wild and awful films with vicious abandon. Well, it’s back and we’re hoping to keep it up as often as we can. Leza and I start with The Manipulator, a horror “gem” starring frightmaster Mickey Rooney, who you might remember from Silent Night, Deadly Night 5 and National Velvet. Read that HERE.

Lastly, I recently joined examiner.com as a staff examiner, where I will write short articles on movies. This monetizes my journalism and gives me some more experience writing short articles, which I hope to do more of. My first piece is on three horror films you might not have considered that would help liven up your Halloween party. Read it HERE. If you’d like to make some money writing articles, you too could sign up. If you do, I’d appreciate it if you follow THIS LINK, which will help me survive to keep bringing you interesting content and more Bizarro fiction, which people who are starving , in jail or having heart attacks don’t do as much.

You can follow me on Twitter @GarrettACook to get updates on my articles as I post them, or if you’re a Facebook friend, find out about them there as well. Thanks! Hope you liked this stuff!



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