Still Seeking Submissions for Nuckelavee, an ezine of the Bizarro and Grotesque

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

This year, I’m committed to making cool Horror and Bizarro work happen for Halloween. Not just through my October Weird Fiction Workshop, but also my ezine Nuckelavee. Nuckelavee will publish fiction, poetry and intellectual discourse on the weird, the macabre and the grotesque, the magical and the disgusting. I look forward to being able to unveil it around Halloween. But I need your help and your fiction. I have stories from Bizarro great Bruce Taylor, horror and Bizarro poet and author Ash Lomen, Chris Bowsman author of A Life on Fire and Brent Millis, sexpunk author and editor of charity anthology Kizuna: Fiction for Japan, so those who submit will be in some good company, but I’ll need more work. If you’ve got poetry, stories, essays or reviews of a weird, horrific or grotesque bent that are under 3000 words, send them to I am also looking for a piece of cover art that is somehow reminiscent of the nuckelavee in a literal, metaphorical or spiritual way. The first issue of Nuckelavee will not pay anything, as I am not a wealthy man, but perhaps in future issues I will find some way to compensate authors and artists. I’d like to receive all submissions by October 10th, so I can get this ready in time for Halloween.

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