Two Great Anthologies and a Happy Birthday to Mr. Lovecraft

Posted: August 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

I haven’t written in this blog for awhile because I’ve been out of town for the past three weeks. But, I’d like to get this blog rolling again. Things have happened. Good things. My work appears in not one but two great new anthologies and I’m proud as hell to be part of both of them, which are each meaningful for their own reasons and each have stupendous talent behind them.

First, Kizuna: Fiction for Japan, edited by author Brent Millis. Brent Millis, an American Bizarro and sci fi author living in Japan saw the damage inflicted by the earthquakes on his adopted home and decided to do something about it. He called on a multitude of friends and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends of friends including such names as John Shirley, Michael Moorcock and Bradley Sands to put together a labor or love that benefits orphans of the quake. I’m proud to be among these authors and to be part of such a noble and beautiful endeavor. Thank you, Brent and everybody who contributed to and everybody who will buy Kizuna. At the moment it is only available as an ebook, but a print version will be ready soon. If you have a Kindle, get Kizuna here:

It has a great variety of work in there ranging from lighthearted fantasy to cosmic horror and Bizarro satire and a new Jerry Cornelius story by Moorcock.

Another anthology that came out during my time away was the very attractive Copeland Valley Sampler from Copeland Valley Press. It lacks the heft of Kizuna and might not be for charity, but I am also happy to be a part of this one. The book looks gorgeous and Copeland Valley is already doing some great work such as Jordan Krall’s Beyond the Valley of the Apocalypse Donkeys. The Copeland Valley Sampler is an explosion of weirdness and pop culture love. Authors like Jordan Krall, Ash Lomen, Matthew Revert and William Pauley III share the fruits of their twisted imaginations with pride.  And look at that cover. Just buy it.






Since I’ve been talking about anthologies of weird fiction, I should take a minute to say happy birthday to one of it’s progenitors, H.P Lovecraft. I’ve learned a lot from Lovecraft, as have most Bizarro and horror writers and pulp fiction would not have been what it became without him. Here are my five favorite Lovecraft tales:

1.) Pickman’s Model
Transparent, predictable, not as weird as his other fare. But, dammit, this is a charming story and the Salem scenery has a special place in my heart. And the message is one it’s hard not to take to heart.

2.) The Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath

This is one of the weirdest of the weird. A hard to follow phantasmagoria that is nonetheless irresistible and undeniably magical. This is Lovecraft at his most Dunsanian, I would say and I kind of like when Lovecraft does Dunsany more than when Dunsany does it. And the confrontation with my favorite Elder God makes this for me.

3.) The Cats of Ulthar

Another Dunsanian piece. This fable really takes you away.

4.)The Shadow Over Innsmouth
Takes me back to my childhood on the North Shore…

5.) The Hands of Erich Zann

The man named Zann hits on something dark. Something true about great art. It takes you to black places, conjures up nasty things. Is it possible to go too far? What happens when you do? A deepseated concern of Lovecrafts turned into one of his greatest chillers.

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