Guerilla Journalism+: An Interview with Andrew Wolter

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Just got on Google+. Decided instead of Facebook, this time I will interview the first person to reply and consent to an interview on Google+. The first to reply was horror author Andrew Wolter, who had some great things to say.


What is your name and what do you do for a living?

My name is Andrew Wolter. I write for a living. I am the author of Much of Madness, More of Sin, Nightfall and the upcoming New World Mythos saga. In addition to writing fiction, I freelance under a pseudonym for a nationwide LGBT publication.

Have you ever had any problems with the level of LGBT tolerance in the horror community or has the horror community been supportive from day one?

 There was initially a level of intolerance when I set out writing dark fiction with a gay cast of characters. This was years ago. At one point, I had changed some of my characters’ sexual orientation to appease the “horrorphiles” (my first mistake). A character tells you who he wants to be. My characters are predominantly gay because that is what I know. Nowadays, just as the LGBT community has become accepted by many, I’m seeing LGBT horror becoming widely accepted as well. For example: I was somewhat shocked by the wide acceptance of my latest book Much of Madness, More of Sin due to the graphic content that tends to “push buttons.” However, the readers are loving it and enjoying the characters.

 I hate the thought of any kind of person not being permitted to exist in fiction. It kills the potential for storytelling. I can’t imagine the number of stories that didn’t happen because gay people or black people or eskimoes or weresharks or samurai weren’t allowed to be what they were supposed to be. So, I’m glad to hear horror fans are taking to your work. What inspired Much of Madness, More of Sin?

I agree with you wholeheartedly. Character, as humans, can only change themselves. I don’t feel an author can change his character’s sexuality if that is not who the character is.

The inspiration for Much of Madness, More of Sin was the quiet horrors of everyday life, especially love and loss. There’s a silent terror that works in our brains during times of crisis. There are fantasies we all have of which we are afraid to act upon. The tales within Much of Madness, More of Sin incorporate a modern reality centered on graphic terror and ultimate lust. When one thinks of madness, it is commonly suggestive of insanity or inexplicable terror. Of sin, many are reminded that both wrath and lust are common when discussing the immorality of Man from the point of view of Christianity.

My main objective for this collection was to take madness and sin to the next level, a place in which the boundaries are pushed into a world that is unapologetic. I longed to discover what was truly MUCH of madness and MORE of sin. In my experiences, I realized that the reality of love and loss was at the forefront of these subjects. It was from this concept, that the stories within the collection were born.

 What is your favorite soup?

Posole. It’s a Mexican soup. I down for anything Latin/South American, including my suitors.

Extraterrestrials: real, fictional or moot?

 Real. I don’t believe that we are the only beings in a galaxy within galaxies. It just doesn’t seem probable.

 Lastly, who are three authors you think everyone should be reading right now?

The fantastic Dan Fante, the literary force of John Rechy and the unrelenting horror of Peter Straub.

Great talking to you. Thanks for your time and participation. Any links you’d like to share?

Thank you for taking the time to conduct this impromptu interview! I greatly appreciate it. For those who want to connect with me, they can visit my official website at Also, the website for my new book and forthcoming saga is

  1. Jason Plato says:

    Although I myself am not homosexual I do believe that we live in a country where you SHOULD express yourself in your own way. Keep up the good work Andrew, keep paving the path for future authors.

  2. Jason Plato says:

    Great work Andrew, keep paving the road for future authors. Always go with what you feel not whet other people think you should feel.

  3. Harvey West says:

    Again, Very well done Andrew. Especially when he askedyou what is your favorite soup. In which Posole is one of my favorite (Mexican) soups. Very well informative.

  4. Thanks, Jason and Harvey! I couldn’t do it without your support. Well, I could; it just wouldn’t be as fun!

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