Janitor After the Monster Party: A Poem

Posted: June 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

I knew this guy in high school,

Laid fists into him,

Called him faggot and nerd and weirdo

And I know he loves it, this guy,

That here I am with mop and bucket and broom

Cleaning up his big fancy castle

And I’ll go home to Lana

(He used to stare at her chest in English class)

And she’ll ask if I got to see him and how he is

And to tell her about the fancy furniture and the portraits and the and the and the


She wants me to speculate on this big soiree

That stinks this morning of rotten meat

And iron and God only knows what the fuck else

(The freak)

It couldn’t have been that fascinating

Not if he threw it

Though the bones and fur in this puddle of puke

Make me wanna ask questions-

Questions a janitor isn’t supposed to ask

Cause a guy gets in trouble that way

My Uncle Stan’s got stories.


Otherwise, I’d wonder about the blood

And I don’t

People bleed sometimes

And the grave soil

And the crazy electrical equipment

And the swampwater stench

And the shredded lacy nightgowns

The fancy foreigner hanging upside down from the rafters

With a stain on his lips that can only be one thing

But I don’t ask

I’m the janitor.


I finish the job and I knock on the door of his study

He looks hung over, pale and shaken

Like something happened at the party

Asks if I’d like to go get a beer.

It’s eight in the morning, but he’s buying.

He tells me sometimes he envies me

And that the good life ain’t all it’s cracked up to be

Asks after Lana and tells me to say he said hi

Says a fancy name and a big castle don’t necessarily mean happiness.


When I think of how I’d react to a fancy shithead with blood on his lips

Hangin’ upside down in my house

I can see what he means.

  1. Lee Widener says:

    Love it!

    Reminds me… I’ve got some things hanging around I need to take care of…

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