Jimmy Plush: First Full Week

Posted: June 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s been a week since Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective went up on Amazon. A hot Saturday afternoon in June? Is there any better time for a book launch? Probably. Yes. But I still got a lot of support, a lot of excitement and a good sales response. The book’s been linked to many times and I’ve seen the kind of love one comes to expect and treasure from my Bizarro colleagues. As the week went on, the book sales quieted a little,  but I found out something cool yesterday: I was the #18 hardboiled mystery on Amazon.ca! Canada was enjoying the two fisted teddy bear and his exploits. I was more than excited to see this. I was thrilled, psyched, validated.  My mother was a big fan of mysteries in every form. In the Marines, she’d received counterintelligence training so was very interested in detective work, the science of forensics and the processes of espionage. She also loved everything filthy scary and weird that she could find. I knew because of that that this would be a book she’d have gotten a kick out of.    I found out in April she was suffering from lung cancer. In May, the final steps to releasing the book got finished up.  Only days after the book got sent to the printers, she passed away. Hell of an emotional rollercoaster from there. I was excited to have a book coming out, but devastated to have lost my mother, who’d been there for me my whole life, raising me alone until she got married when I was eight years old. It was and has been hard. But she was a Marine. She was no stranger to adversity, nor have I been. She would have said to  carry on. Hope for the best, anticipate the worst and try my damnedest to keep a sense of humor and do what had to be done to make life better. When I saw on Amazon.ca that my book was ranked higher than Double Indemnity and The Big Sleep, and Robert B. Parker’s Spencer books, which she loved dearly, I knew she would have been proud.  The book is rolling along, picking up interest. Yesterday, I was approached by Dan Schwent, the first person to review Jimmy Plush on Amazon and Goodreads. He liked the book enough, that he wanted to interview me for his book blog HERE. Then today, I got this blurb in my email from Joe Pulver, one of the hottest authors of hardboiled and grim horror out there:

” Babes, bullets, & BIZARRO! Being a 3-foot tall plush teddy bear gumshoe in the crime-infested gloom of Nero City is no FUN unless you’re the reader!”—Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., author of SIN & ashes and Blood Will Have Its Season

I was really happy to see that.  The book has connected with people, it has kept me strong through very difficult times and has been something to be proud of. I’m even prouder that as soon as the book comes, I will be mailing out the book to 36 excellent and very patient individuals who preordered it, some of whom enthusiastically threw down for a special Limited Edition. I assure you that it will be plenty special. I don’t think anyone’s ever been so eager to spend 130 bucks at the post office as I am right now. In spite of the constant fluctuations in Amazon rankings, I am proud to say that as of this post,  the book has not fallen out of the hardboiled list on Amazon.ca. Considering how fast Amazon rankings move up and down, this is great.  I am honored to have this be my first book with Eraserhead Press. A phenomenal publisher and one deserving of your time money and attention.

You can buy Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective  HERE

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