So What IS This?

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s amazing to me sometimes how much effort we commit to filtering the music, the books, the movies we don’t like out of our lives. We build barriers, we strictly define in our minds how we relate to various genres. How many people have you met that have said “I like all music but country and rap?”In the words of Offspring, “you gotta keep ’em separated”, if our peas touch our mashed potatoes, our meal is ruined. We end up thinking that pulp is a four letter word, that literature is, like the Heaven described by Talking Heads, “a place where nothing, nothing ever happens” or that horror is just popcorn gore for deranged metalheads or that Bizarro fiction is about penises and Satan and scatological porno.  To the untrained reader, all four of these things can seem true. But, in my small way, I’d like to cut through the bullshit. Maybe I can’t change literature, but I’ve changed the way I tell stories. Double crosses, indefinable cityscapes, violence where you’d least expect it, time and space cut loose, trenchcoats, fedoras,razor sharp implements of destruction, protagonists that have strayed from the straight and narrow, eerie silent films, gods among us and dames that just don’t seem right pop out of the woodwork. These things are all part of my little corner of Bizarro fiction, what I’ve decided to call Chainsaw Noir. Read the stories, check out the books, see for yourself what I’ve done. If you’re adventurous and you’re ready to cut through the bullshit and break down the boundaries between genres, styles and everything else I can get away with breaking down, then Chainsaw Noir might just make the cut.

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